Specialist structural engineering services focused on functionality, economic lifespan and structural integrity​.


Professional structural engineers offering a wide range of services, from reinforced concrete, conventional structural steel, timber, composite or light-weight steel structures. Our structural design methodology is based on the latest structural and analytical design software packages such as PROKON.

We also conduct structural integrity investigations and reporting on existing structures to determine damage, functionality of purpose, economic life span or integrity of the structure. All of our projects are run using specialist project management systems

Delivery can be full programme  or project management or in terms of specialist delivery of component PM services.  All of our services can be delivered using in or outsourced contracts.

  • Reinforced concrete design

  • Conventional structural steel design

  • Timber design

  • Composite design

  • Light-weight steel design

  • Site Supervision

  • Structural Integrity Investigations

  • Delapidation Reporting

  • Structural Design Checking Engineers

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  • Shopping Centres

  • High Rise Office & Apartment Blocks

  • Hotels

  • Retirement Villages

  • Single Residential Units

  • Hospitals

  • Sporting Facilities

  • Industrial Warehouses


  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Reservoirs

  • Water & Sewage Treatment Plants

  • Bridges & Culverts

  • Highway Barrier Walls

  • Power & electrical sub-stations

  • Coastal & marine structures

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Accreditation and specialised experience 

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